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There are several reasons. Over the 30+ years in storage, construction & management experience, we have rented, scrutinized and thoroughly investigated virtually every kind of storage unit you see advertised in the Greater Ogden/ Northern Utah market today. Our extensive research and development led us to design and construct the most ideal storage unit facility ever. Our state-of-the-art complex is the only one of its kind in the Northern Utah area. As a storage unit customer, your primary goal is to maximize your security – without giving up the convenience you deserve. Rest assured that this will be achieved with our 7-tier security package in addition to every convenience our customers have requested over the years. There’s a reason we’re recognized as Northern Utah’s Leader in the Storage Unit Industry.

Security. Convenience. Standards & Procedures. Not only do you want a storage unit you can depend on; you want a storage company you can rely on. Welcome to Safe & Sound Storage. Our security, convenience, professionalism and quality equipment is unparalleled in the industry. You’re not just renting some space – you’re starting a business “partnership” with a storage unit provider. At Safe & Sound Storage, we’re in it for the long haul. So we’re with you every step of the way to help you protect your valuables – by treating them as our own. In fact, our success depends on it.

It’s not just important to have individual unit alarms, it’s critical. Your valuables are your property – some of which are not replaceable. Recent events in this country and the world have changed the way people think about security. At Safe & Sound Storage, we feel a certain level of protection is now expected and deserved. The bottom line is: No Individual Unit Alarms = Bad Move.

Absolutely not, according to a recent article titled “Individual Unit Alarms – Do It Right The First Time” found in Inside Self Storage, the industry’s leading magazine for storage unit operators. According to the article, “A small-scale security plan jeopardizes your customers’ peace of mind and, therefore, your own. In other words, do it right the first time. The best way to secure your customers’ stored property is with individual door alarms. When an opportunity presents itself, the locks will be cut, the goods taken … Individual unit alarms are an active form of security that lets the operator know immediately when a breach has occurred. As soon as a potential burglar opens the door to a unit, an alarm sounds. This demands a response by the onsite manager or monitoring company. While other security tools such as surveillance cameras serve an important function, they do not let the manager know an attempted burglary is taking place–unless he happens to be viewing the monitor when the attempt occurs. Individual door alarms eliminate the possibility of theft. The burglar has no choice but to go down the street to another facility where unit alarms have not been installed.”

You may use your own lock or purchase a brand new, sealed lock from our office. It’s entirely up to you. Either way, you keep the key – and therefore control who has access to your storage unit.

With scores of different kinds of locks available, it can be confusing which ones are ideal for a storage unit door and which ones aren’t. Safe & Sound Storage provides the correct, yet best-built locks on the market today for maximum security in storing your valuables. We highly recommend you purchase your locks through us. The right quality lock for the right application is the name of the game!

You name it. A real on-site manager who not only lives on the premises, but actively patrols the complex numerous times each day. True state-of-the-art electronic surveillance that not only clearly & digitally records and stores the data – but is also equipped with infra-red technology for night vision recording. It is also self-heated during winter months to avoid fogged up or icy lenses. Numerous super bright, 400 watt Metal Halide lights. Solid barrier surrounding the perimeter. Double lock systems with lock guard protector plates on larger doors. Computer controlled & monitored front gate with single camera dedication. Key pad requiring private PIN number to be entered for both coming into and out of the premises. The list goes on.

Our computerized access system assigns each customer a unique PIN number so only they have access to the storage area. Each front gate entry, unit door opening and unit door closing is recorded on the daily activity log. All points of entry and exit are also recorded by our superior video surveillance system.

Extremely convenient! Our facility is in a prime location on a main road, just off the freeway – not tucked down a side street like other storage companies in the Greater Ogden/Northern Utah area.

No. You rent month to month with Safe & Sound Storage. However, if you know you will need your storage unit for a longer period of time, you can receive a significant discount with an extended agreement. In other words, rent our space for as short or as long as you need it. Ask your Safe & Sound manager for details.


You can store almost anything: furniture, household goods, office items, appliances, boats, cars, RV’s, motorcycles, etc.

Once the agreement is completed, you may move in your belongings immediately.

There’s nothing worse than moving into your storage unit and having leftover boxes that won’t fit. Conversely, there’s no need to pay for extra space you won’t fill. Use the Safe & Sound Storage Space Estimator to pick the right size of space for your storage needs. Or, contact your Safe & Sound manager for help in determining the right size for you.

Not from a typical supply store. The best place for you to purchase your supplies – for quality, for exactly what you need and for the best price – is through Safe & Sound Storage. Never buy supplies at a “bargain” store – unless you want inferior quality and less or more than you really need. Watch out for supply store gimmicks.

Absolutely. Climate Controlled units are air conditioned during the hot summer months and heated during the cold winter months to protect from potential damage caused by extreme temperatures and humidity. This type of storage is similar to storing your items in your home.

Absolutely! Our experienced management staff at Safe & Sound Storage stands ready to assist you in every aspect of moving in and maintaining your new storage space. For questions, concerns, instructions, or ideas – just ask!

Very few want the hassle of writing out and having to mail a check in each month. Most of our customers utilize our AutoPay system by debiting their checking account. This secure procedure is what we highly recommend – and is a smart way of making payments more efficiently. Another option is to automatically charge your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card each month. You can make payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually – whichever suits you best.

Yes. Safe & Sound Storage is so confident in your complete satisfaction that we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Whatever your concern, you can rest assured that it will be give our full attention. If you’re not satisfied – for any reason – during your first 30 days storing with us, we’ll refund all of your unused rent. Call your Safe & Sound Storage manager today for details about what no other storage company offers.

Availability changes on a daily basis. In order to make sure that the space you want is available when you need it, we recommend that you make an advance reservation. Call your Safe & Sound manager today.

Call your Safe & Sound manager today. He/She will walk you through the few simple steps it takes to secure your valuables with us. We have everything in place for you. Whether you have used a storage facility before or not, we will help you get into the safest & most convenient facility in the Greater Ogden/Northern Utah Area.

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  • I have rented at Safe and Sound for the several past years.  It is a bright, clean, well-managed facility.  I have recommended the property to all my friends and family.

    Noah Richie
  • I have a 40 foot unit at Safe and Sound Storage and access the unit almost daily in the Spring and Summer and have gotten to know the management team and would highly recommend this facility to anyone.

    Lorem Johnson
  • I have used this facility on several occasions and would gladly recommend it to others.

    Ray and Sue